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In Serplasa we understand food quality and security as a management tool through which our activities are planned and developed, thus fulfilling the legal stablished and other applicable requirements as well as the specifications of our products throughout the manufacturing process. This is how we obtain our customers satisfaction and safe and stable products.

In order to do so, we regard as necessary to establish and maintain a Food Quality and Security Management System which ensures the management and improvement of our processes and allows us to design and commercialize products adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers, also manufacturing them in accordance to the established specifications.

That is why we have implemented a Food Quality and Security Management System in compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 regulation in the areas of DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF POLYETHYLENE AND POLYPROPYLENE BOXES by means of AN INJECTION PROCES, POLYETHYLENE FILM through EXTRUSION BLOW MOULDING. DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE BOXES (EPS).

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Also a Food Security System has been implemented according to protocol BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging materials Issue 5 in the area of POLYETHYLENE FILM (UP TO 200 MICRONS) and EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE BOXES (EPS).

We make a commitment to our customers to follow these as basic pillars of our Food Quality and Security Policy:

  • Satisfying the quality demands of our clients: through the establishment of strong links with them that allow a professional and close attention as well as advisory services when choosing the product and the proper formulation for each necessity.
  • Totally fulfilling the quality specifications for each product: optimal quality at the best rate as a decisive factor for our company competitiveness in a market in which not only we compete for the price but also for the product’s reliability and the trust our clients have in us.
  • Secure and stable products: responsibility to our clients according to the regulations and laws applicable and the specified quality.
  • Encourage the participation and involvement of all the staff in Serplasa: establishing awareness raising activities, training and diffusion of the obtained results which allow us to create in our personnel a “quality culture” that we regard as necessary.
  • Continuous improvement of the processes efficiency and the quality and safety of our products and services: analysing through processes indicators and planning improvement plans.

In order to develop these basic principles Management analyses periodically the context, parties concerned and assess risks and opportunities for the Organization establishing Food Quality and Security Goals for our processes and undertaking betterment projects for our activities.

Management takes executive responsibility for the development of this Food Quality and Security Policy, for its communication and understanding on each organizational level, equipping our Food Quality and Security Management System with the technical and human resources necessary to answer to this principles.

We are sure these are the guidelines on which we must found our management and it is our main concern that they are periodically divulged to each party concerned and understood by our employees and associates. We state as of mandatory compliance the implementation of our Food Quality and Security Management System so it is duly endorsed.

Serplasa’s AENOR ISO 9OO1:2015 Certificate

Food Quality and Security Policy

BRC Certification